Independence, MO

I was sent to Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, MO for a project in May 2000.  We found a nice RV park located in another suburb, Independence, MO.  It is the birthplace of Harry Truman and an interesting little city.  We are exploring the area and will post pictures of places we visit.

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This is our home in Campus RV Park in Independence.  We are surrounded by trees and it is a very pleasant place.  The only drawback is the Amtrack station about 500 feet from here.  It's noisy when they roll through, but with our fan in the bedroom going all night, they have not been a problem.

There are squirrels and bunny rabbits all around.

From behind our trailer you can see the RLDS temple.  Independence is the home of the Reorganized LDS church.  Essentially this is the Joseph Smith version of the Mormon Church as opposed to the Brigham Young Mormons in Utah that are much more familiar.  The temple is an interesting building with a spirial shape and made out of shiny metal (stainless steel?)  We'll let you know more after we take a tour.

This is Nana and Deidra having a good time.