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Aug 02 2005

White Water Rafting

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This morning we drove into Durango for our white water rafting trip. We were loaded on busses and taken north of town where we launched. The four of us and another Grandmother with three kids were the only ones in our boat. Our guide was Shane and he took good care of us, although we all got soaked with the water fights we had with the other boats.

We stopped for lunch along the river and then continued on our trip. We hauled out about 1:30 and were bussed back north to the center of town. The trip took about 4 hours and we traveled about 10 miles. The kids really had a great time.

Then we loaded into the truck and took a drive up to Silverton just to see the beautiful San Juan mountains. Such gorgeous country.

Then back to our campground east of Durango and four very tired people went to bed early.

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Aug 01 2005

On to Durango

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Jeneane fixed pancakes this morning and we were soon on our way. (It would have been an hour and a half sooner if we could have awakened someone inside before we did!)

Whitney cried when we left and I have a feeling she and Deidra will be corresponding more in the future. It was hard for us all as our friends at Valley View were truly “family” to us.

We drove through Albuquerque and turned north on I25 to Bernalillo where we took the road toward Farmington. It is now a 4-lane highway all the way to Bloomfield. From there we went up through Aztec and into Colorado. We had reservations at an RV park in Bayfield which is about 10 miles east of Durango, and about $15 less than any of the parks there. It was a fine place to spend a couple of days.

We drove into Durango this evening to do some shopping, get ice cream and find out where the rafting company is located so we’d know where to go in the morning.

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Jul 31 2005

Edgewood, NM

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We arrived in Edgewood about 1 PM and pulled into Jason and Jeneane Weaver’s yard. They have set up an RV parking spot for Jeneane’s parents who are full timers and it worked out great for us. They have 50 amp electric service which allowed us to run our air conditioner.

It was like old times. Many of our Valley View friends were there for a pot luck lunch and card games afterward. We did our best to catch up on what everyone has been doing and what has changed. The biggest surprises were how much the younger generation has changed. Several of the kids we remember as young teenagers are now married and some even expecting!

Noel and Donna Jennings (Deidra and Dominic’s grandpa and step-grandma) drove up from Albuquerque to see them. He needed a grandkid fix. Boy do we know what he means!

Crystal Schmidlapp (“Aunt Bistol”) came over to see the kids and they had a nice, but short, reunion after almost five years. She was at Deidra’s birth and has been a special friend ever since.

We took a drive around the area to see what had changed, including a drive by our old house. The new owners have made some nice improvements, and there are tons of new houses sprouting everywhere. Edgewood looks little like the small rural community we moved into 20 years ago.

Deidra and Dom slept with Whitney and Ashley – all in one room. The bedroom door couldn’t even be opened until a kid moved out of the way.

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Jul 29 2005

Leaving on Vacation

We picked up the truck with the new bed and storage. It is beautiful. I would be hard pressed to find anything I would have done differently. Pictures will be posted later.

This is a short post to let everyone know we will be on the road for the next two weeks. Our plans are to get to Amarillo tomorrow, Edgewood on Sunday afternoon, then up to Durango on Monday and probably Tuesday. From then on our plans are very fluid and we will just poke along as we see fit. Possible stops are Mesa Verde, Canyonlands, Arches, Dinosaur, Rocky Mountain and Pikes Peak. Basically a swing around Colorado.

I’m beat from packing so that’s it for now. We will post as we have access.

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