Christmas 2000

We spent Christmas 2000 on the road.  We went to California to visit Dianna's family.  Chris, Dayna, Deidra and Dominic came from New Mexico.  On Saturday before Christmas we were joined by Greg, Tina, Patricia, Michelle, Julie, Marie and Marie's friend Jeremy for an exhausting fun filled day at Disneyland.

The kids saw several large, strangely dressed characters.  I think this one is from Toy Story.  Dom was really intrigued.

Diedra on Main Street

That's most of the gang on their way to Storybook Land

Will they ever return?

Three brave astronauts.  That's Deidra, Michelle and Patricia.

Up, up and away!

Standing around in the kitchen.  Left to right -- Dayna, Chris, Dianna, Mom Widener, Marie and Julie.

Patricia, Dominic, Deidra and Michelle before we tore the presents open.

Mom and Dad Widener

Community sleeping arrangements.  Note Dom snuggled up with Michelle.

Patricia and Deidra waiting for lunch.

Mom and Dad had a housefull.

We drove to Mesa after Christmas to visit Richard's family.  My brother Don and his family convoyed with us from California.

Dom with a water color book at the kitchen table at Daryl's.

We took a family portrait.  Back to front, left to right that's Mom, Daryl, Richard, Dad, Don, Donna and a spot for Dale.

Then we drove to New Mexico so we could celebrate Dom's birthday.  There's something mighty unfair about a birthday on New Years Eve!

Blow out the candles, Dom!

Dom's cake was a great tasting Scooby Doo.